This is caffeine... simplified

PURCS are micro-capsules of 100% pure caffeine.

No bulky liquids, mystery ingredients, sugar, or chemical additives.

Health Canada approved.

Regular or Extra Strength?

For the regular user our 120mg doses are perfect anytime and anywhere.  

For those wanting more kick, our 200mg extra strength micro-capsules are the answer!

Each small vial comes with FIVE x 120mg doses, and our large vials come with SIX x 200mg doses.

That a whole lot of pure caffeine on demand!  

Full METAL Jacket!

PURCS are packaged in special custom made vials which are CNC machined from brass metal.

Jewelry grade quality that no one would be embarassed to carry around.

Throw a vial on a keychain, put one your pocket, or even wear it like jewelry. 

24K Gold?

PURC vials come in a variety of finishes to suit all styles, attitudes, and genders.

Our "EVERYDAY" line features Chrome, Black Chrome, Ultra Baby Pink, and Mirror Brass.

Our "PREMIUM" line features real 24K Gold, 14K Gold, and beautiful Rose Gold vials in custom wooden boxes.

We recommend pairing these up with different end caps for a unique two-tone look!


A dual end cap design.

The large vial is the size of a cigarette. Our small vial, the size of a rolled up bill.

Vitamins, medication, money, bobby pins, and Mary Jane also fits perfectly ;)

What will you use the vial for after?

Free Shipping?

We got you covered...

All Canadian orders receive free shipping.

All USA orders above $25 also get free shipping.

The reviews are coming in...

“I love my coffee! However, when coffee isn't available PURCS fill in the gap perfectly.” 

- Mark K, Vancouver BC

“I don’t drink energy drinks because of all the sugar and additives, but a pure caffeine product... that interests me!”

- Tina L, Toronto ON

“These vials are beautiful! Finally someone made a container that I wouldn't be embarrassed to carry around.”

- Veronica C, Regina SK